4 ways Deno is different

from NodeJS

Brian LeRoux

CTO, Begin.com

  • Web developer since spacer.gif and <BLINK/>
  • Member of Apache and OpenJS foundations

A new JavaScript runtime ✨

Created by members of the original NodeJS core team with a fully clean slate based on V8 and Rust.

  • Secure by default

    Opt into dangerzone

  • Comprehensive surface

    Common utils are builtins

  • Web spec standards

    Modern and fast JS

  • Web defacto standards

    First class support for JSX and TypeScript

This is important to you because

JS evolves faster than Node.

And besides more tools for the toolbox is always helpful.

1. Secure by default

  • All code is sandboxed

    Permission to network, env, disk and process is opt in

deno run -A myfile.js

This is important because

security is our job.

Opt in means we have to deal with the consequences of security up front rather than putting it on the backburner.

2. Comprehensive

  • Builtin authortime experience

    Format, lint, bundle and test all first class

  • Builtin runtime experience

    Runtime library and standard library cover vast majority of common use cases

Comprehensive Authortime

deno lint --unstable myfile.js

This shed is still being painted… 💅🏾

deno fmt myfile.js

Antidote to Parkinson's law of triviality

deno test

A good overview here.

This is important to because

you are immediately productive.

No more debates about lint config, prettier config, test runner or assertion syntax. Just code.
Comprehensive runtime

Supported surface

This is important because we can build with confidence

there will be no unplanned work

due to breaking changes.

Focus on core business value instead of chasing dep fashion around.

3. Web spec standards

  • Yes, this includes ESMODULES

    Modules are downloaded and cached first run. Same as npm except not manual!

  • The other big one: fetch

    No more server/client shims! Full browser interop is a goal.

  • Also excite: WASM

    More here

deno bundle https://denopkg.com/chiefbiiko/dynamodb/mod.ts
Yes, a builtin bundler!
deno cache --reload https://denopkg.com/chiefbiiko/dynamodb/mod.ts
Cache invalidation made easy?

Whats missing?

  • Web crypto
  • FileReader
  • DOM (eg. HTMLElement)

This is important because the web is the most important

distribution channel in human history.

Focus on core business value instead of fixing brittle compiler chains.

4. Defacto standards

This statement is more perception than data based!

  • TypeScript

    Compilation is completely transparent to the end user

  • JSX (TSX)

    No compile step 🤯

This is important because TS requires maintenance

which can be handled by the runtime.

Focus on your code instead of tsconfig.json.

Big code savings, big reduction of config. Less dependencies. Less liability. More speed. 🚀

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